Wednesday, January 28, 2009

why the oskar is only to slum dog???

The FOREIGN movie slum dog milliner got nominations for Oscar. I saw that movie yesterday, and I really think that it is not of that standard. It is good but not the best. and if Oscar is giving to such movie then why not our i.e. Indian movies. there are lots of such good but not the best movies in India.
The answer of this WHY? is hidden in the one and only one truth about the Oscar. The awards are giving to the name of director and producers. If the name of director is like Danny boyel or Richard attenbaro, etc. then the award is yours, the Oscar is giving to the name and not to the real art. I know their techniques and themes are wonder full but I don't think so that our Indian movies are such bellow standard that they cant give a single award to our movies.
And if a movie like slum dog getting nominated then why not traffic signal? why not vastav? they have also shown "REALITY"of India. the truth is behind the name Danny Boyel. The truth is they still hate you. They still want to show that you can't lead the world in any manner. You dont have This capability...............................

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My first Blog

It is my first blog,which I m going to write now. And it is realy very special for me. one will ask,''what is so special in writing just one blog?'' but you know what , I am getting one wonderfull platform to express my thoughts.One best opportunity for me to know me.
It is not just a blog for me,it is my differant world created by me,where no one can ask me anything about each and every small thing which I do.Where no one can interrupt me while im ignoring them,Where no one can make me Odd Man Out just because my thougths are differant, and where i dont need to be as I am not,Where I dont need to live with various masks of verious moods....
But it dosent mean that I dont like real world, which contains I , YOU, WE, OUR YOUR. I just need one world which only consist of I ,ME, MYSELF & MINE.
Just try it out, it gives lots of fun & relief. Just enter in my world with words ME, I, MYSELF & MINE. Try to love you, yourself first then you definately love this colourefull, joyfull world..............
Yours new bloger,